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Vol 1. : TITEL MAGAZIN 24.11.2011 by Tom Asam Vogel, one among very few nusicians, who is able to transpose metropolitan creativity into provinciality. And this without any loss of quality, but moreof with a perceptible and fruitful encounter of controversies. (…) not a moment of boredom or randomness and its easy to perceive that these musicians with their improvisations will cause even more enthusiasm among their audience with the additional four albums. File under Postjazz, Postrock, Alpenlandavantgarde or Doom 3000. Whatever, but listening is an obligation for those with open ears! KOPFHÖRER.EU dez 2011-12-01 Here, for example is the mighty Jim Crow, electrically moving … with a brilliant violin solo, … Vogel’s instinct for the correct sound – in combination with the correct beat – is truly excellent. Vol. 1 sounds like Stockhausen, the legendary Acid Mother’s Temple or the Collection Of Improvising Artists. Free without any musical limitations turned Vol. 1 into a , please excuse my mode of expression – „glaring“ album. dez 2011-12-01 Soul is a must when cooperating with Vogel, as it is mastered by the musicians he had assembled for the first section of his five-part-cycle in the little Austrian village Bezau. We don’t speak here of velvet and silk; „Vogel perspectives” presents complicated music – no question – but performed with a great simplicity.

JAZZTHING Nov 2011 – Götz Bühler (Feature!!!) “Very rarely had complex music been performed with such a lightness“

JAZZPODIUM Nov 2011 Seven pieces in various line-ups are roaring, vibrating and flapping beyond a floating state of their electronic and accoustic instruments into a feeling of total liberation. When a man, named Vogel (meaning bird in English) looks from the bird’s perspective down to the world of sounds then it is not only a nice play on words.

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG Dez 2011 Karl Lippegaus “Morricone’s“ man with a mouth harp is now honoring in a totally different and beautifully bizare and wild art the Austrian percussionist, Alfred Vogel. Refreshing …

SÜDDEUTSCHE Zeitung 7. und 8. 01. 2012 – Karl Bruckmaier Elements of jazz are meanwhile an integrated part of electronic music, rock, hip hop or whatever, and by no means merely a saxophone solo now and then, which usually used to stand for jazz. It is the self determination, the knowledge to be able to select different routes. An excellent example is perhaps the just now obtained universitality of the earlier named jazz music of the compilation „Vogel Perspective Vol. 1“ (Boomslang Rec.) by the percussionist Alfred Vogel from Vorarlberg. In times of data exchange via Internet and inexpesnive flights, a location like Bezau is not necessarily a synonym for provinciality, but may temporarily turn into an entire music cosmos when stars from overseas and local friends create a stilistically varied music as Vogel intends to release on five in this compilation and anxiously awaited albums. Terra incognita around the corner. Seite 2)