Autumn Releases


This summer was filled with inspiring people and places such as the Alto Adige Jazzfestival, JiGG in Lissabon, the Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Bejazz summer in Bern and of course our homebased festival Bezau Beatz with such great artists as Tony Scherr and his Trio, Trixie Whitley, The Thing a.m.o.

It seems that despite of a huge unawareness around the planet there is still an audience which is prepared and willing to have a listen! Jazz ainĀ“t dead. Jazz is creative open minded music. All it requires is two ears and a listener. Understanding follows listening. If more people start to listen what is going on then the world turns in a better place. Amen.

For you music lovers we have some new releases coming up:
KONTAKTCHEMIE (new duo with Christy Doran) will be available on iTunes, Amazon etc. on 23rd sept. If you want a Vinyl (limited edition) send a friendly email to
same for iLOG – a crazy Berlin based duo of drumvirtuoso Oliver Steidle and DJ-Prof Ignaz Schick!!!

have yourself a nice fall, go out and listen!

yours sincerely