Better Days

Neues Album »Better Days« – Release June 11th 2010

The 3rd album, Better Days is in the pipeline and is scheduled for release June 11th 2010 (Boomslang Records / Roughtrade) Created with a team of musicians originating from Europe to Africa it is exciting and colourful. Differing from the last two albums the music has taken on a shape that has access and relevance to a variety of listeners. It explores afro-centric rhythms that sway with popular euro-centric harmony’s combined with soulful melodies that carry thought provoking lyrics. This album will inform and inspire listeners to feelings of hope, love, the beauty’s of life and so called reality’s and yet leaves room for your own interpretation. But before the release of this soon to be classic album, Brendan Adams and his group are preparing to have a pre release of 3 tracks and a Music video, which will be available online absolutely free, check the web page Brendan Adams group for links to where these tracks are available for free download. Remember to stay tuned for Better Days


  • 2010 Better Days
  • 2008 Proof of Love (Solo Album)
  • 2008 17 Eternities
  • 2006 Pearly Sue