Heavy Metal Rabbit

Lucien Dubuis / Barry Guy / Alfred Vogel

this band is as vitalizing as a 100 meter sprint across a field of carrots.

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Bond / Lucien Dubuis / Alfred Vogel

Call it low-western-rock blues jazz soul punk.. whatever. HANG EM HIGH. That’s what we call it.

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Christy Doran / Alfred Vogel

(“ … there is still a lot to be discovered, explored and evolved”) Christy Doran

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die Glorreichen Sieben

Kalle Kalima / Christian Lillinger / Flo Götte / Alfred Vogel

Asphalt Cowboy Jazz. A tribute to Neil Young.

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John Schroeder / Wolfgang Zwiauer / Alfred Vogel

three men sounding like five! new album POWWOW!!! coming out in 2019.

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Le Noir

Lukas Dietrich / Simon Frick / Alfred Vogel

Howling, growling, screaming! Experimental Blues.

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Herve Samb / Peter Madsen / Herbert Walser / Kofi Quarshie / Mikal Mondesir / Alfred Vogel

modern afro funky jazz with and edge.

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