Vogelperspektive Vol. 1

mit Kalle Kalima, John Schröder, Billy Martin, David Helbock u.v.a.

JAZZTHING Nov 2011 – Götz Bühler (Feature!!!) “Very rarely had complex music been performed with such a lightness“

the VOGELPERSPEKTIVE covers 5 Volumes to be released in 2012 (Boomslang Records / distribution: Amazon or as digital downloads) Nr. 1 (which is an introduction to the follow ups) so far is received very well in German Press such as the Jazzthing, Jazzpodium a.m.o. Renown Jazz Journalist Wolf Kampmann claims, that it is “very rare, that avantgarde music is performed in such a soulful, relaxed manner” and the SÜDDEUTSCHE Magazine, Karl Bruckmaier writes: “Vogel´s music is an excellent example for uniqueness and emancipation in a music once called Jazz, which only now might have reached universality after all these years. plus he proofs, that a village like Bezau doesn´t have to be provincal – you will find a whole music cosmos right there, thanks to internet, low fare flights and Vogel´s network …”
Along with the `percussion wonder´ (jazzthing) Vogel you can hear his comrates such as Billy Martin (MMW), Kalle Kalima, John Schröder, Wolfgang Zwiauer a.m.o.
Actually the ELB Jazzfestival in Hamburg, one of the leading Festivals in Germany, booked a whole evening with bands of this project!!!

JAZZPODIUM Nov 2011 Seven pieces in various line-ups are roaring, vibrating and flapping beyond a floating state of their electronic and accoustic instruments into a feeling of total liberation. When a man, named Vogel (meaning bird in English) looks from the bird’s perspective down to the world of sounds then it is not only a nice play on words.

KULTURMAG.de dez 2011-12-01 Soul is a must when cooperating with Vogel, as it is mastered by the musicians he had assembled for the first section of his five-part-cycle in the little Austrian village Bezau. We don’t speak here of velvet and silk; „Vogel perspectives” presents complicated music – no question – but performed with a great simplicity.

the following volumes of the VOGELPERSPEKTIVE will be released in 2012:
Vol. 2 – die Glorreichen Sieben (the Magnificent Seven) feat. Kalle Kalima, guit, Christian Lillinger,drums; Flo Götte, bass; AV, drums,
Vol. 3 – le Noir feat. Lucas Dietrich, bass; Simon Frick, Violine & electronics; AV, drums
Vol. 4 – Intensivstation (Intensive Care Unit) feat. John Schröder, fender rhodes, guit, drums; Wolfgang Zwiauer, bass; AV, drums;
Vol. 5 – Solo, Duo, Trio feat. Billy Martin, Kevin Shae, Andreas Schreiber, a.m.o