Better Days

New Album »Better Days« – Release June 11th 2010

From the Ghetto that nobody knows …

Welcome to Cape Town. You’d be hard pressed finding a city as cosmopolitan as this. Everything about it exudes a sophistication that is as new and fresh as it is comfortable and self-assured. The Mother City comes alive and her rhythm can be seen pulsing through the city streets.
Yet beneath her glamorous exterior, Cape Town harbours deep and troubling secrets. Poverty. Crime. Unemployment.HIV/Aids. Gangsterism. Violence. People living in a squalor and deprivation so intense that you cannot ignore. It would quickly become apparent that these squatter camps or informal settlements are places no person would live in by choice . Everyday life is a constant battle for survival. Yet this is the picture that is seldom seen. This is the Ghetto where nobody knows… Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Brendan Adams grew up with a perspective on life straight from the hard streets. He knows how hard it is to survive and he isn’t afraid to wax lyrical about it. But the country of his birth holds his heart, and always will. It is for this reason that he feels compelled to comment on the state of the nation and its people, painting lyrical pictures over the canvasses of music for all to see. After a brief but successful stint as founder and lead guitarist of Supadan, Brendan decided to travel. At the tender age of 23, moving from country to country working odd jobs, he had a chance encounter with Austrian drummer Alfred Vogel. The place was the legendary Kaufleten in Zurich, and it was open-mic night. The musician cum producer, Vogel saw the raw talent that Brendan possessed and invited him to perform with him. From this chance meeting, the Brendan Adams Trio was born and has since achieved high acclaim with both releases (Pearly Sue 2006, 17 Eternities 2007). Hailed as an ‘alternative outfit’ by industry giants Rolling Stone Magazine and Jazzthing, the trio was awarded the honour of “Album of the Month” by Fritz Radio in Berlin. Gaining new perspectives whilst touring Europe playing in open air festivals, international festivals and writing new material, the Capetonian decided to travel back home at the end of 2008 to live and work in South African once more. It also seemed a more fulfilling and inspiring environment as Europe, he felt, was sometimes too surreal, although he now frequents both hemispheres.
This year, 2010, a new sound has grabbed hold of the music of Brendan Adams. Fresh and edgy, with songs ranging from soft rock to downright dirty grunge with no holds barred; the new band has a variety of sounds that are fat and big, delivering messages with power and intensity. As Jazzthing so aptly put it: “Upon hearing Brendan Adams one is immediately overwhelmed – and converted. Even on a superficial level his music is amazingly sensuous and appealing.”
The third album BETTER DAYS will be released on 11 th June 2010, the opening date of the world cup in Southafrica.


  • 2006 Pearly Sue
  • 2008 17 Eternities
  • 2008 Proof of Love (Solo Album)