Soul is a must when cooperating with Vogel, as it is mastered by the musicians he had assembled for the first section of his five-part-cycle in the little Austrian village Bezau. We don’t speak here of velvet and silk; „Vogel perspectives” presents complicated music – no question – but performed with a great simplicity. dez 2011-12-01

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Alfred Vogel / Sylvie Courvoisier

authorities of dynamic transformation.

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Georg Vogel / Andreas Wälti / Michal Prowaznik

A unit in the best sense of the word, showing conclusively that even in postmodern times, music can retain a special vitality.

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enormous amounts of playful, ecstatic, inter personal and spiritual energy

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Ronny Graupe / Laura Schuler / Alfred Vogel

surprisingly poetic, dreamy and lightfeathered

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Jim Hart / Alfred Vogel

vibraphone meets drums.

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open your ears folks. nothing is as it seems to be!!!!

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Andreas Broger / Joe Bär / Alfred Vogel

The Alpine musical cosmos is practically inhabited with extremists and specialists which often are already defined by the instruments.

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Chris Dahlgren

if you have an adult sense of good music and a youthful heart, you could easily fall in love with ‚DHALGREN’ …

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“a welcome contrapoint to contemporary sophisticated jazz” Wolf Kampmann JAZZTHETIK

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Mats Gustafsson / Alfred Vogel

After a short holiday weekend in an alpine village Gustafsson was ready to blow and Vogel to beat …

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Christy Doran / Alfred Vogel

Doran and Vogel tie a coherent dramaturgy, fuse to one inspirational source and provoke inner pictures.
mixed by Roli Mosimann (Faith No More, Björk a.m.o)
available as Download, Vinyl + CD limited edition

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Ignaz Schick / Oliver Steidle

noise, electro, freejazz, improv. drums & turntables

direct order:

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Peter Evans & Alfred Vogel

„Il Piccolo Incidente“, proves that some negatively occupied word can quickly be reversed into the contrary. It merely depends on the perspectives.

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relaxing at the showdown

second line & modern brass straight outta swomps around Zurich!!!

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Lucien Dubuis / Barry Guy / Alfred Vogel

as vitalizing as a 100 meter sprint across a field of carrots.

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AMOK AMOR – Slavin Eldh Lillinger Berlin Avantgarde teamed up with übertrumpet ace Peter Evans from New York!!! recorded in Bezau in the middle of the Alps after the Bezau Beatz Music Festival in August 2015 for BOOMSLANG RECORDS the band is ready to go!

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Dance for Peace


The musicians of the ‘Kilimanjaro Dub & Riddim Society’ in short: KDRS, are from Ghana, London, New York, Dakar and the Austrian Vorarlberg. And for the past ten years they are happily dancing together in Bezau, located in the idyllic Bregenz Forest. Consequently, they named the third studio album of this international democratic collective „Dance For Peace“.

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Keep on rockin´in the free world - a tribute to Neil Young


the Magnificent Seven (die Glorreichen Sieben) are on the back of there horses again. And right, it is a CRAZY HORSE – the new tribute to Neil Young Album receives great feedback of press and radio! the STANDARD (A) calls it out among the best albums of 2013!!!

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Harry Marte & BIG PIT

a blue line

You know that every single word this man sings with his creaking voice is genuine. Marte is like the wind that hits your face when you stand at the bow of an ocean liner. Fresh, salty and present.

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Call it low-western-rock blues jazz soul punk.. whatever. HANG EM HIGH. That’s what we call it.

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Vogelperspektive Vol. 5

Solo Duo Trio

On Vol. 5 Vogel plays in duos with the austrian poet Norbert Mayer, the New York Saxophonist Jon Irabagon or drummer Kevin Shae a.m.o …

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Vogelperspektive Vol. 4


Intensivstation reminds on Miles Davis legendary Bitches Brew album, but with a fresh contemporary attitude.

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Vogelperspektive Vol. 3

Le Noir

„Blues is when you play just one note and it hits directly into your heart.” (Son House)

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the BIG BÄNG!!!

Kevin Shea & Alfred Vogel

THE BIG BÄNG!!! – free improvised drum & percussion music

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die Glorreichen Sieben (the Magnificent Seven)

Kalle kalima, Flo Götte, Christian Lillinger, Alfred Vogel

Everyone is saddled up. A “Crazy Horse” this time. Now they’re riding again, the four Glorreichen Sieben (“Magnificent Seven”) who already darted off in wild gallop on the album “Vogelperspektive, Vol. 2” – from Vorarlberg (Austria) through the urban landscapes of Berlin right into the lonely expanses of the Wild West.

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Vogelperspektive Vol. 1

mit Kalle Kalima, John Schröder, Billy Martin, David Helbock u.v.a.

JAZZTHING Nov 2011 – Götz Bühler (Feature!!!) “Very rarely had complex music been performed with such a lightness“

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The Mellowtones

Mellowtones at iTunes now …

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Thousand Miles Journey

Collective of Improvising Artists

The Collective of Improvising Artists
First record out now: »Thousand Miles Journey«

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Norbert Mayer /Alfred Vogel

His lyrics might ring and sound as an instrument it´s own for those who don´t understand the language. There is definitely a certain match or fit that the two artists share together. Something that the listener can only find in between of the word and the sound. Let´s call it Ü!

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Better Days

New Album »Better Days« – Release June 11th 2010

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hip to be happy

Kilimandscharo Dub & Riddim Society

»The chances are good, that hip to be happy is changing its good start into a flight of fancy. (Ralf Dombrowski)«

Release: 13th of March 2009
CD ordering number 12502
Distributed by brokensilence (D) and hoanzl (A)

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17 Eternities

the Brendan Adams trio

soulful, sensible, pondering – south african melancholy and mellow vibes deluxe.

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Pearly Sue

the Brendan Adams trio

Pearly Sue encompasses melancholic euphoria X 12. Unconventional and guaranteed to become addictive. So much so, that after work or school one will be looking forward to getting home just to listen to that new album!

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Welcome to the Village

Kilimandscharo Dub & Riddim Society

the kdr-society »welcome to the village«, live @ jazzit salzburg

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Last Flight from Rwanda

Kilimandscharo Dub & Riddim Society

They are still around: Bands whose sound is original and unique but nevertheless catchy – so catchy you simply cannot sit still. (

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Kofi Quarshie & Alfred Vogel

this is urbanized ethno drum´n´voice music from accra, ghana and bezau, austria – feel free to dance or sip an espresso and relax…

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stefan latt (text) / alfred vogel (music)

a poetry-nujazz-groove-project

who is coming? what is coming? when, and from where? but most of all: why?

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