Le Noir

Lukas Dietrich / Simon Frick / Alfred Vogel

Simon Frick, Wien – e-violin/ electronics
Lucas Dietrich, Berlin – bass, electric-bass, effects
Alfred Vogel, Bezau – drums, percussion, samples

„Blues is when you play just one note and it hits directly into your heart.” (Son House)

With veins full of blues and urban inspiration in their bellies, the musicians Alfred Vogel, Lucas Dietrich and Simon Frick carry the “roots” into the 21st century. It’s a hip and futuristic sound, but it’s still the blues.“Le Noir” – “The Black”, as this experimental troupe calls itself, regards their sound as a rational descendant of a pairing between the roots and the present.Electro, noise and metal are part of this gloomy newborn who is grooving in the abdomen, swirling in the body and letting out its primal screams. Archaic and intimate together, when loud complainig yields to silent whimpering or conflict leads to harmony. An intoxicating mixture! – it causes sensual suffering, can incite to dance and suddenly announce the apocalypse. However the old blues legends still stand their ground in this irreverent, wild spectacle.


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7o0mdX5XGQ